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Making a shipment

Create a shipment

Ship a package in minutes! Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and click on "Ship".
  2. Enter the sender's first name, last name, email address, phone number, and cost center.
  3. Enter the "Recipient information" (first name, last name, company, reference, recipient email address, full address)
  4. Input the "Item information" (Item type, size, and weight specifications). You can add multiple packages to the shipment by selecting "Add multiple pieces".
  5. Compare all the service providers based on delivery time and cost. Select the best option for you and choose the type of delivery and insurance you would like.
  6. Review your shipping summary and confirm shipment.
  7. Print your shipping label by clicking on the print icon.
  8. Complete your shipment by scheduling a pick-up. To do this select Manage → Pick-up. Then choose your service provider from the drop-down list and complete all the required fields to schedule your pick-up.

Track a shipment

To view your shipment tracking details, click on Manage → Shipments. Choose the service provider you made a shipment with and click on the tracking number next to the shipment time.

Edit a shipment

You can not edit a shipment once you have completed an order and a shipping label has been created. To modify the order, cancel the shipment and create a new shipment.

Cancel a shipment

If shipments have not been dropped off to a facility or picked up by a service provider, they can become canceled. To cancel your shipment go to Manage → Shipments. Find the shipment by selecting the service provider from the drop-down list and enter the date for the shipment. Once you have found the shipment you can cancel it by selecting "Cancel shipment" within the actions menu.

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