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WooCommerce plugin and advanced shipping rules

How does it work?

Be accurate with the market and avoid common flat rates!

You can display real-time shipping rates to customers in your WooCommerce store at checkout. Select the couriers you want to use, connect your store and enable the plugin. With a few clicks, you will be able to provide the lowest standard, expedited and green shipping rates you can get on Machool in real time.

Based on the couriers enabled in your account, you will be able to provide your best standard and expedited shipping rates in real time.

How to activate the plugin

1. Once your store is connected to Machool, click on the “Plugin settings” button.

2. By default, the list will contain one global rule that applies to all orders and returns three rates: the least expensive option for each service type (Standard, Expedited and Green) out of all the couriers enabled on the Manage > Couriers page. Once you activate this rule, customers will be able to view and select Machool rates at checkout in your WooCommerce store.

3. You can also set up any number of rules to modify the rate quote when specific criteria are met, including destination country, destination province, package weight, order value or estimated cost of shipping. For example, you can use this to show rates from certain couriers for customers in one province, and hide them for others.

4. The list must always contain at least one rule; you cannot delete the last remaining rule. However, when all rules are toggled inactive, the plugin is deactivated and Machool rates will not be shown at checkout.

5. Only one rule will be applied for each rate request. If two or more rules have conflicting criteria, rules will be applied from top to bottom: if the order meets the criteria of the first rule in the list, all subsequent rules will be ignored.

6. If no active rules apply to the current order, Machool rates will not be displayed at checkout. To avoid this, you can create a catch-all rule for all orders not covered by other rules, and move it to the bottom of the list.

What you will see in Machool

When a customer has paid for one of the Machool shipping rates, this will be displayed on the e-commerce page with an icon showing which service was selected, as well as the amount paid for shipping.

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