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How to use the Machool Wallet

Machool Wallet

In a world where everything costs more and more, the Machool development team worked on a new Wallet feature to eliminate credit card fees and reduce the cost of your shipments.

You can now load any amount of money on your Machool Wallet in one transaction, and all the shipments created with your Wallet fund will not be subjected to credit card surcharges. On top of it all, you will have only one transaction on your credit card statement.

How to access Machool Wallet

Load you Machool Wallet in a few seconds by following the steps below

1. Navigate to "Account" in the Machool platform and then select “Billing”.

App home

2. Select “Add Funds” on the top right of the Machool Wallet section

Add fund button on the Billing page

3. Select the amount you want to load on your Wallet No credit card fee will be applied to this transaction, if you decide to load $100, you will receive $100!

Add funds modal screen

4. Create shipments using your Wallet By using the Machool Wallet funds, you will save 0.35$ on each transaction as the credit card fee will be gone!

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