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Advanced shipment notifications

How do I disable shipment notifications?

When you create a shipment, you can choose whether to send automated emails to you or to your customers to confirm the shipment has been created, by enabling or disabling shipment notifications.

  1. Log in to Machool, then go to “Manage” and click on “Settings”.

  1. After accessing the “Settings” page, click on “Notifications” in the left-hand menu.

  1. "Machool Advanced Shipment Notifications" are sent by Machool to your customers at shipment creation when their email addresses have been provided. By checking or unchecking this box, you can control whether Machool will send these emails to your recipients.
  2. In addition to Machool notifications, some providers also send automatic emails to you (the sender) or your customers (the recipient), or both. In some cases, you may disable these by checking the appropriate boxes in the list of notifications by provider.

However, please note that this will not impact any automated shipment notifications you may have set up in your e-commerce platform.

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