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Deliver to local pickup location

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Tired of worrying about your online orders being stolen from your doorstep? Concerned about the safety of your parcels and your privacy? You're not alone. That's why we've introduced a new feature that offers an innovative solution to keep your packages safe and sound while providing you with unmatched convenience.

Introducing "Deliver to Local Pickup Location"

With millions of unattended parcels worth over $6 billion being stolen every year in North America, it's essential to find a secure and reliable way to receive your online orders. Machool is here to provide you with a solution: the "Deliver to Local Pickup Location" option, available in select locations through our partners, PenguinPickUp and PUDO.

- Safe and Secure Parcel Handling: these locations receive, hold, return, and send your e-commerce parcels securely. Say goodbye to worries about package theft.

- Convenience Without Borders: these solutions offer the convenience you deserve. With a focus on safety and privacy, PenguinPickUp and PUDOpoint Counters provide a secure alternative to doorstep deliveries.

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PenguinPickUp: Secure and Convenient

PenguinPickUp offers secure and convenient locations for picking up, shipping, and returning your packages. Their growing network includes dedicated, secure pickup and return points in major cities. You can find a PenguinPickUp location near you by visiting their location page.

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PUDO: Picking Up or Dropping Off

PUDO, which stands for "Pick Up or Drop Off," is a network of real people in your neighborhood, representing small businesses that are part of the North American PUDOpoint Counters Network. What can you expect from PUDO?

Find a PUDO location near you by visiting their PUDO Point Counters Network.

How to Use the "Deliver to Local Pickup Location" Option

Ready to experience the convenience and peace of mind that "Deliver to Local Pickup Location" offers? Here's how you can access this option:

Start your shipping process by selecting the courier you prefer. Please note, the recipient’s email address is required as communication will be sent with instructions for pickup once our partners receive the package. On the "Services" page, you'll now see the "Deliver to Local Pickup Location" option. Click to select it.

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Once you've selected this option, a new prompt window will open, showing you a map where you can choose the local pickup location of your choice, either through PUDO or PenguinPickUp.

PenguinPickUp and PUDO location page

Enjoy the benefits of secure, convenient, and worry-free parcel deliveries with Machool's "Deliver to Local Pickup Location" option.

Your parcels are in good hands!

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