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Service Provider support

Our Machool support team is always happy to help with any question you may have regarding our platform and services. However, there may be times when you will have to talk to the service provider; should you need to locate a missing package or inquire about delivery exceptions for instance.

That is why we have assembled for you a list of available support resources for all Machool’s partners. Note that you may have additional support resources available based on your contract or subscription with your transporter.

Machool PartnerHelp CenterSupport Web ContactSupport Phone
Air Canada CargoFAQsContact Form+1-800-387-4865
Canada PostSupportContact Form+1-866-607-6301
CanparFAQs and TutorialsChat+1-800-387-9335
Chasseur CourrierFAQsContact Form+1-514-442-7197 
DHLHelp and SupportContact Center+1-855-345-7447
Eeko CouriersFAQsContact Form+1-604-688-9500
EvaFAQsContact Form+1-514-543-3667
FedexHelp Center+1-800-463-3339
FlashBoxKnowledge CenterChat+1-888-631-7895
GLSFAQsContact Form+1-888-463-4266
ICSHelp CenterContact Form+1-888-427-8729
IntelcomHelp Center and FAQs
NationexFAQsContact Form+1-888-999-7737
PurolatorHelp & Support CenterChat+1-888-744-7123
Shift DeliveryContact Form+1-604-445-4391
SpringHelp CenterContact Form+1-905-678-2770
TrexityHelp CenterContact
UniUniHelp Center and FAQsContact Form+1-800-282-2468
UPSSupport and FAQsContact Form+1-800-742-5877

If you wish to know how to integrate your own account with the Machool platform please check our integration support.

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