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Shopify plugin - Show your rates in real time!

From now on, you can display your Machool calculated rates in your Shopify store to customers at checkout.

According to Shopify, their hosted stores overcharge for shipping 80% of the time. Showing real-time shipping rates is a way to boost your business and to be accurate with the market.

According to the couriers enabled in your account, you will be able to provide in real time your best standard shipping rate and your best expedited shipping rate.

How to activate the plugin

Once your store is connected to Machool, click on the folder + icon.

Adjust your rates as required. Save and your store is ready to go!

What’s happening on Machool

When a customer has checked out paying for the shipping, this appears in your orders flow with 2 different icons:

What you should know

This app requires Carrier Calculated Shipping to be enabled for your store.
There are 3 ways to do this:
  • Change your Shopify plan to annual billing (cheapest option and easiest)
  • Contact Shopify support and request the carrier calculated shipping addon (cost = $US20 per month)
  • Upgrade to the Advanced Shopify plan (or higher).
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