About Machool Technologies

Machool Technologies is the creator of the uDo platform. The concept behind uDo, is Users Doing tasks more efficiently. Our goal is to provide simple, delightful and insightful solutions on uDo by building a portfolio of uServices to empower users and their businesses to work smarter. We do more so uDo less.

Our vision is for uDo to become the marketplace that connects users to multiple services and service providers. By bringing our collection of uServices onto one interface, we hope to enable users to perform any and every task with ease. Our team is constantly developing new uServices, building uDo to become the ultimate self-service instrument.

The first tool on our platform is uSend- a smart shipping solution that consolidates all providers onto one convenient application. Compare prices to minimize costs, and use our analytics to help set more effective budgets. Upload your address book and give access to your employees to simplify and streamline your corporate shipping system.

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