uSend Analytics

Our uSend analytics have received a makeover! We’re excited to share these new updates with you – all of which were designed to help you understand your shipping activity better. With uSend analytics, you can see how your shipping costs and resources are allocated, helping you budget better for the future and diminish chances of overspending.


Filter By Dates.
Now you can filter the time frame of which you’d like to view past shipping activity. This can be completely customized based on what data you’re looking for.


Courier Analytics.
You will be able to see a detailed breakdown of all services within the time frame you chose. This will include all the couriers you used and the total costs. You may download these reports in excel format to see which courier was the most or least popular.


Cost Center Analytics.
You may also opt to view your analytics and breakdown by cost centers. This will help you see which cost centers ship the most or least, or spend the most or least, in order to plan and budget for the future.


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