uSend Updates

We’re excited to announce several new updates to uSend! Added features include new Management and Configuration options on the uSend home screen, as well as some in App enhancements.


1. You may now opt to add an agreement before users use uSend.

2. Address book feature has been updated. Users may opt to save new addresses for future shipments.

*Simply check the “save recipient information” box to save, or leave blank if you wish.

3. Users may also select from preset box/document sizes during shipment.



1. Shipping managers can now select their desired pick-up time for their shipments at the end of each day.



1. The user agreement feature in App can be switched on or off and is completely customizable on the configuration panel.

2. Label sizes can also be adjusted from the configuration panel – 2 sizes are available.


Our team is constantly working on new features and enhancements to offer our users a friendlier experience with uSend. Let us know what you think!


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