What Automation Means To Us

We created uDo Platform because we felt there should be an easier way to perform daily tasks – we felt that automating them would be beneficial to organizations. Now, we are not trying to replace any work with an App – we’re simply just trying to make it a more enjoyable process! We wanted to create something Simple, Delightful and Insightful for users.

We’ve built uDo into a platform with several Apps, all which can benefit businesses in numerous ways:

1. Enhance Productivity
We’ve programmed built-in analytics into uDo platform to track specific output and operations. With insightful analytics, you’re bound to work a lot smarter rather than harder!

2. Securely Store Information
Any information your company inputs into uDo is stored securely. We are a tech company after all so we take security very seriously, which makes our Apps perfect for organizations who have high security protocols or value safety as the top priority.

3. Reduce the Rate of Errors
Manual work often results in errors which can be easily avoided. For instance, Our uSend App helps reduce shipping errors with AddressComplete programmed in. This ensures speedy and accurate recording of shipping destinations.

4. Better Understand and Control your Budget
Our built-in uAnalyze analytics function will track and provide an overview of all your spendings so you can budget the future. You’ll know where, when and why your money was spent – not a bad thing to keep track of, right?


There are countless office automation services and technologies to choose from, some of which can be expensive… not to mention they can take getting use to. We’ve designed uDo Platform so that minimal training is required to use the Apps. We wanted something simple, delightful and user-friendly, but also competitively priced so that it is accessible to organizations of any size.


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