Team Building Activities That Don’t Suck

We’re lucky that with hard work and dedication, our start-up has been successful enough to start hiring new members onto the team! Now it’s just getting to learn how to function collectively as a larger team. It’s definitely not easy since any change in scenery takes time to adjust to. BUT a happy team that knows how to work together will make life a lot easier.

Here are 4 team-building ideas we hope to try and want to share:


1. Bowling
The great thing about bowling is that anyone can do it (even if it’s not well), so it’s a good fit if your company has a mix of staff members who may not all be into the same things. Bowling is awesome and most people love it, which makes it the perfect team building activity for any start-ups.


2. Board Games
No, board games aren’t just for family nights or your geeky younger sibling! The good thing about this is that you can do it right in the office, or when the weather is miserable. There are a lot of great board games out there that emphasize collaboration, such as Pandemic and Bang! – or ones that are quite the opposite, like Risk.


3. (Office) Trivia Night
Trivia is a great way to inspire teamwork, as everyone usually has one topic they know way too much about and are just waiting to show off about. Plenty of pubs and restaurants hold trivia nights, but if you’re really looking to be creative, you can plan a trivia night of your own.

How to: Office Trivia
Try including a few questions about your business, office, or coworkers.

  • “What color are the kitchen tiles?”
  • “How many people are on the development team?”
  • “How many windows are there in the entire office?”
  • “What brand are the computer monitors?”
  • “What month of the year is most common for birthdays among our employees?”

Come up with a series of questions specific to your workplace and test your team’s knowledge.


4. Volunteering / Giving Back
Pick an activity that appeals to your team or reflects your company values, get out of the office, and do some good for your community and your team. Some ideas: Participate in Adopt-a-Family programs during the holidays, volunteer at the soup kitchen, take on a community beautification project. Working together on a cause that the people on your team care about is a great way to bond.


Bonus: Bubble Ball
Because… it’s impossible not to bond with someone while you are bubble balling together.



What do you all think of these team building activities? Would you try them with your team? Give us your ideas too!


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  1. Matija Zajsek says:

    Hi there. Matija from Slovenia. Nice ideas. As small teambuilding organization here in Slovenia, will definitely use them. First one for sure. Regards, M

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