Let’s Boost Workplace Morale

Do you work in a small office or team like us? Then you’ll understand that if even just one person is down in the dumps, they won’t be the most productive – which makes the entire team collectively less productive.
That’s why teamwork and motivating each other is key! Here are a couple things that we do day-to-day. Try boosting your office’s morale with these 6 tricks:
1. Have a daily huddle.

Rather than literally a huddle, we have daily mini-meetings (scrum) where we share our tasks for the day and progress that we’re making. We do this so we’re all up to speed on each other’s workload or if any of us are struggling with a project. When people are down, keeping it quiet only makes it worse so it’s best to get everything out in the open.
2. Switch up the schedule.

We’re lucky to have the option of flexible schedules from time to time rather than the traditional 9am-5pm (as long as we get all our work done)! When people are in a rut, they need to break the routine. Letting them start late on Monday – or just a bad day – so they can clear up any personal stuff from the weekend and come in focused works wonders on their productivity.
3. Change the scenery.

Even in a great work space, emotions can fall when the physical environment stays the same. Getting out of the office occasionally boosts creativity and energy levels. For instance, our sales team prefers to work from a nearby coffee shop for a few hours a day. We’re also lucky to have an undercover patio in our office, so we can just unplug our laptops, take our work with us and migrate there for some fresh air!
4. Allow employees to nap.

Exhibit A – that picture of the grey and green sofa. That’s our nap area. Seriously. Our CEO Kamyar wanted to provide an area where we could opt to lie down on a comfy couch or recliner to take a short nap if we even need to rev up our attitude/energy. If you have employees who often work overtime or late hours, this could help increase their productivity as well as their mood.
5. Organize something out of the ordinary.

We’re often surprised with fresh fruit, cookies, and other goodies at the office. Simple gestures like this are nice once in a while. If the weather is nice out, why not take the entire team out for ice cream? Or perhaps a team lunch at a fun lunch spot once a big project is completed!
6. Make the office fun.

“Work” and “fun” don’t have to be mutually exclusive elements. It’s easy to inject “fun” into the workplace without jeopardizing a productive day. No one wants to leave a place where they’re having fun. We have a Foosball table, well stocked stash of snacks, Netflix, and the occasional puppy visits! Simple things like this make us smile 🙂 Even a few minutes away from the desk can improve productivity for hours and provide consistent increases to morale worth far more than those few lost minutes of work.


Would you try these tips to boost your workplace morale? Let us know in the comments section or give us your suggestions!


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