Since You Can’t Control Time, Try These 8 Time-Saving Tips!

Working in a start-up is a fast paced and exciting journey! It means our team has no limits or restrictions. There is nothing that we can’t achieve. Well, except for freezing time or adding more hours into a day. Most of us (especially our development team) would do anything to have another hour in the day. But until someone creates an app to manipulate time, we must manage our time extremely efficiently.

We want to share 5 tips that might help make your day more productive:


1. Create a to-do list each day.
We have a team to-do list on our white board that we go through quickly together each morning. This way, we know what everyone is working on and it helps you tackle the tasks as soon as you start your day. The next day, just cross off the tasks you completed and start a fresh list.

2. Embrace technology!
Funny that a tech company says that, right? But seriously. Take advantage of technology! There are so many time saving and organizational apps available such as Dropbox, which lets you bring your photos, docs and videos anywhere. Or designate a collaboration system so that your team never becomes confused and unorganized. We like to use Slack – find the one that works for you.

3. Tackle the most important tasks early in the day.
Declare a set period of time each morning to buckle down for the tough stuff or anything that is high priority, time sensitive, etc. This way, you avoid procrastination later in the day when energy levels drop.

4. Keep a schedule.
If you have tasks that require consistent attention each week, stick to a schedule. Rather than scrambling to find time to get it done, establish a designated time and stick to it. For instance, we hold mini meetings at the same time every morning to go through everyone’s to-do list, but we also have in-depth team meetings every Monday, and group testing sessions for our apps twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons) to keep us all up to date.


What else do you do to improve your efficiency and create more time in your day? Let us know in the comments section below!


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