Why and How to Brand your Office Space

Many business owners strive to make sure that everyone who works with them lives and breathes the brand, its mission and its core values. Our CEO, Kamyar, is big on branding – as a result, you could say our entire team is a bit “Machool” obsessed. Can you blame us?

Using your office space to tell your brand story through your work site helps build loyalty and morale. Just think about it – when a client or potential employee comes into your office for the first time they’re immediately experiencing – and judging – your brand in terms of what they see, hear, smell, and feel within seconds of entering. This is especially important if you’re introducing a new brand – IE a start-up company like ours!

Here are some ways you can brand your office:

1. Brand your reception area – create a suitable vibe.
What is your brand voice? Decorate your reception area in a way where it speaks to your visitors. When someone walks into the Machool office they know immediately where they are, and it’s not just because we have a big sign above our reception desk.

2. Brand your tech accessories and tools around the office.
Try getting branded pens, mouse pads, mugs, etc. made to boost company morale. It’s also great for giving everyone at the company a daily dose of awesome! For instance, earlier last year we had Machool branded T-shirts made for everyone.

3. Decorate the office using the colour scheme from your logo or website.
This might be an obvious one but it’s worth mentioning. Using the right colours consistently could subliminally remind everyone on the team what they’re part of. For us, the go-to colour is Machool green – we incorporate it everywhere we can, and we’ve all grown to love it 🙂

4. Voicemail greeting!
If your company has a young culture like ours, why not switch up the traditional voicemail greeting with something fun that aligns with your brand voice. Whether it’s making a witty joke or throwing in a pun, find a creative way to make the voicemail greeting seem a bit more human.


How does your company brand the office space? Feel free to share your ideas with us as we’re always looking for innovative ways to spiff up our space!


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