Office Productivity Hacks that Actually Work (For Us)

Today officially marks 1 week since our team has nested into our new office! Among all the changes the move came with, we wanted to share some things that we found helped the way we work. We consider these “office hacks” for productivity fairly simple to implement. Anyone can do it!


1. Open concept

This is debatable – many would argue that open-space offices decrease productivity, but for startups it could work well. By eliminating literal barriers, creativity and productivity as a team can skyrocket. Think your boss would consider adopting an open-concept layout like ours?

How it works for us: Our CEO chose this layout when designing the new office because, believe it or not, some of us get anxiety when we’re not an elbow away from our work buddy. We have a tight knit team so an environment where workflow and collaboration collide is a layout that made sense.


2. The colour green is your new best friend
“Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.” That’s one of our mantras. Our team works around the clock and green is a good colour for people who work long hours. It does not cause eye fatigue and helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.

How it works for us: We chose to incorporate lime green into our furniture because it inspires playfulness and helps to clear the mind of negativity. PS – that sofa pulls out so it’s good for naps too!


3. Leave your desk for lunch
Since settling into our new office, we’ve enforced one strict rule. No eating at our desks – that includes all snacks and finger food. Why? Having a lunch or snack break away from your desk provides much-needed relaxation and respite from your work.

How it works for us: We encourage each other to enjoy our breaks away from the computer monitors so we can return to work with fresh energy and focus. This prevents us from tiring our eyes and burning out.


4. Clean your Desk
The papers, sticky notes, stack of books you’re never going to read… having that scattered across your desk can all cause you stress, and has actually been proven, in some cases, to undermine productivity. Cluttered workspaces damage productivity, and many believe it impairs their state of mind and motivation levels.

How it works for us: Call us neat freaks, but most of us find it hard to concentrate when our desks look like a tornado just went through. Can’t argue with that, can ya?



These are just a few things our team does that we believe have helped us hack productivity at work. Do you have any suggestions for us? We want to hear what your hacks are!


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